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Client Testimonials

"Our commercial real estate company, 5th Ward Partners LLC, has been involved in purchasing and managing real estate in Milwaukee since 2008. Our portfolio currently consists of Warehouse, Light Manufacturing, Retail Space and Parking Lots in the 5th Ward area of Milwaukee. We contacted Michael Henry in 2012. We were in the process of divesting ourselves of some duplexes in Milwaukee and he professionally and successfully assisted us in those efforts. The reason we worked with Michael was he seemed to have a unique understanding of our needs which proved to be accurate. Since then we have worked with Michael as he identified projects for us some of which we moved forward on. He has always been professional and tenacious in all our dealings together. I would have no reservations in recommending Michael to other interested parties."

- Rick D'Aloia, Event Planner

"I am an experienced investor in my 50’s. My goal in real estate investing is to make a 12 - 15% return. I currently have 4 houses (2 rentals and 2 rehabs). In mid- 2015 I needed help with quick claim deeds and house rehabs that had gone south. A friend referred me to Michael Henry. Michael provided a solid plan on how to move forward with success. He turned two derelict houses into sufficient condition for rentals. He then rented them for me and managed the houses very smoothly. Additionally, he sourced and rehabbed four other houses for me and was on time/on budget and sold them for a profit. I have had a very positive experience with Michael Henry and I look forward to many more years of mutual profits. He is always available and makes time in off hours to deal with any issues that come up"

- Ron Seidel, Real Estate Investor

"With extensive experience with real estate investors, the Vera Residential Real Estate brokerage platform is uniquely positioned to advise and negotiate the right deals for its clients. I also recently started working with Vera to execute my deals, and the service was unparalleled in performing for my needs. I will continue to recommend Vera's services to my contacts, especially those focusing on investing. Keep up the good work!"

- Kyle Mack, Commercial Real Estate Broker

"Michael Henry and I have know each other for the past 2 years and while we have become great friends, he has also become a great advocate and colleague for my REI business.He is reliable & trustworthy & is always there to help. He has a vast knowledge of the Milwaukee market and has a great network of resources.I definitely would recommend Michael Henry for your real estate needs."

- Nicole Pettis, Real Estate Investor

"I started working with Michael in July 2015 when I had to take back 6 houses from a local rehabber that I had loaned money to. Michael provided order to a messy situation. Michael's property management company oversaw the work required to make the properties rent ready while dealing with city fines and inspectors. The houses are all rented now and are being sold off in an orderly fashion. I would not hesitate to recommend Michael Henry." 

- Dan Hurst, Real Estate Investor

"After knowing Michael with Vera Residential Real Estate for a few years, I reached out to him in regard to a buyer for a property I had under contract for a week. Pitching said property to my buyer's list locally and out of state, I did not receive any offers. Within a business day of contacting Michael thru Vera Residential Real Estate, he brought a buyer to the table, made an offer and we were at the closing table in under 48 hrs. Boom! Thanks for the reminder Michael!"

- Jeff Konig, Real Estate Investor

"Michael Henry is an excellent resources to have in the Milwaukee,WI market. He is very knowledgeable and has a dedicated team to assist with anything from tenant placement to rehab projects. With Mike, you're in good hands."

- Shawn Ackerman, Landlord in Milwaukee, WI 

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